• Has your flight been delayed?
  • Do your interest rates fall but never your mortgage?
  • Been without internet for weeks?
  • Have you unjustly lost your job?

You are not alone. We will file your claims.

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How to claim Follow these four simple steps

  • 1.Fill in our form
  • 2.We try to reach amicable solution
  • 3.If we do not achieve it, we will file a court suit
  • 4.No Win, No Fee

Why choose reclamador The leading platform for online claims.

Wetake care ofall theprocedures

You don’t have to worry about anything. We do everything for you, through to the end.

Westick upfor you

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by large banks, airlines or telephone companies. Together we are just as large.

We onlychargeif you win

If we win the claim and in that case only will be charge a percentage of that claim.

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    Floor Clause claim

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    Floor Clause claim

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