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We are the leading online claim platform

reclamador.es is a company made up of professionals with ample experience in defending consumer rights particularly in the airline sector. Our legal team has instigated hundreds of claims against airlines throughout the world to protect consumer rights.

No Win, No Fee

We have highly qualified professionals with ample experience in the matter of consumers.

Llegamos hasta el final asesorándote y representándote hasta la vía judicial en el caso de que fuera necesario. Nos encargamos de todo el proceso reclamación para que no tengas que hacer nada.

We are the only company that advances these fees for each trial.

Why choose reclamador The leading platform for online claims.

Wetake care ofall theprocedures

You don’t have to worry about anything. We do everything for you, through to the end.

Westick upfor you

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by large banks, airlines or telephone companies. Together we are just as large.

We onlychargeif you win

If we win the claim and in that case only will be charge a percentage of that claim.

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