Recupera tu dinero

¿Acciones Bankia?

Recupera tu dinero

Tienes hasta el 20 de julio 2015
para recuperar tu inversión.

¿Valores Santander?

Recupera tu dinero

Tienes hasta octubre de 2016
para recuperar tu dinero.

  • Testimonio

    Elena García

    Retraso vuelo Edimburgo - Madrid

    con Easyjet

    Es la primera vez, gracias a vosotros, que se cumple con los derechos de los pasajeros.

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  • Testimonio

    Yolanda Bobillo Díez

    Floor Clause

    with Caja España

    The treatment has been fantastic! They explained in detail what my situation was with respect to the floor clause and what the true options were for me to recover my money.

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  • 2. We try to reach an amicable solution with the company against which we are claiming!
  • 3. If we are unable to do this, we will initiate legal proceedings
  • 4. Once we have won the case, we will retain our fees (and legal costs if there have been any) and will transfer your settlement to you.

Our services have no initial cost to you.

Only if we receive compensation for your claim will we charge a percentage of same. in the media

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